Webtrends Training–Web Analytics Training for Technical Professionals II: Custom Reporting

Course Description
Many organizations have sophisticated reporting requirements that are not met with standard
Webtrends Analytics features. In Webtrends Analytics for Technical Professionals II: Custom
Reporting, you will learn how to configure and implement custom reporting features to create
advanced reports to meet the specific needs of your organization. 
Our expert instructors use demonstrations, hands-on labs and lecture to guide you through the
configuration and use of custom reports. You will learn how to design reports using the vast
number of preconfigured components supplied in Webtrends Analytics and how to build your
own customized dimensions and measures. In addition, you will also learn how to design
custom drilldown reports for campaigns, products and other business processes.
Learning Outcomes
As a result of attending the course, participants will be able to:
• Navigate the Webtrends Analytics custom reporting interface 
• Understand the importance of visitor history
• Design and create custom reports
• Create custom report hit and visit filters to segment traffic
• Create custom components such as dimensions and measures
• Understand lookup tables and how to implement them
• Implement advanced campaign and product reporting
• Design and create drilldown reports
Products Covered
• Webtrends Analytics 9 On Demand and On Premises, Advanced Marketing or Commerce
Who Should Attend?
Administrators of Webtrends Analytics and anyone responsible for configuring custom reports
to meet the reporting needs of their organization.
Webtrends Analytics for Technical Professionals I: Essentials or equivalent experience. Student
must be able to configure profiles, create and manage data sources, use filters and configure
advanced features such as content groups and path analysis  Training Syllabus
851 SW 6th Ave, Suite 1600 1.877.932.8736
Portland, OR 97204 sales@webtrends.com Page 2  CUSTOM REPORTING
851 SW 6th Ave, Suite 1600
Portland, OR 97204
Note:  Custom Report functionality covered in this course is only available in the Advanced
Marketing or Commerce Package of Webtrends Analytics On Demand and the Advanced
Analysis Package of Webtrends Analytics On Premises. 
Availability and Pricing
You may choose to attend a public course online or at a training center or schedule a private
class online or on-site at your location.
• Public Online: $600 per participant
• Public Training Center: $700 per participant 
• Private Online or On-Site:  Please contact your account manager for pricing.
• Public Online: 1 day, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Pacific Time
• Training Center: 1 day, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
• Visitor History
Importance and use of visitor history
• Basic Custom Report Components and Setup
Navigating the Webtrends Analytics custom reports interface
Creating categories 
Setting up your templates to auto populate custom reports
Custom report structure
• Filters and Calculated Measures
Create and apply custom report filters
Create calculated measures
• Custom Dimensions and Measures
Creating new dimensions and  measures
Using custom tags in reports
Lookup tables
• Drilldown Reports
Building hierarchy reports
Advanced campaign and product reporting

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