Web trends Training Course–Web Analytics Training: Administrator Short Course for Government

Course Description
This course consists of three two-hour training segments designed for the specific needs of the
government administrator using Webtrends Analytics.  First, we will review the key tagging
methodologies used by Webtrends Analytics.  Next, we will discuss approaches to capturing
web 2.0 activities in Webtrends Analytics reports.  Finally, we will review key strategic
considerations for enterprise portal analytics.
Note:  This course supplements the other courses offered in the Webtrends Analytics for
Technical Professionals track by teaching specific topics of interest to government agencies.  It
is not a comprehensive configuration and administration course for Webtrends Analytics, and it
is recommended that government administrators also attend the other courses in the
Webtrends Analytics for Technical Professionals track.  
Learning Outcomes
After finishing this series, you will be able to:
• Understand the multiple methods of tagging used for Webtrends Analytics data capture
• Recognize when and where you might be able to use cookies to gather data about your
• Begin using Webtrends Analytics to track dynamic interactions on your web presences
• Recognize how analytics differs when measuring portal usage
• Begin to develop a tagging and reporting strategy for your organization’s site or portals
Products Covered
• Webtrends Analytics On Demand and On Premises
Who Should Attend?
Administrators of Webtrends for government agencies, and anyone responsible for Webtrends
Analytics data collection strategy and capture within a government organization. 
None, though Webtrends Analytics for Technical Professionals I: Essentials or at least 6
months of experience with Webtrends Analytics is highly recommended.
Availability and Pricing
You may choose to attend a public online course or schedule a private online class.
• Public Online: $500 per participant Training Syllabus
851 SW 6th Ave, Suite 1600 1.877.932.8736
Portland, OR 97204 sales@webtrends.com Page 2
851 SW 6th Ave, Suite 1600
Portland, OR 97204
• Private Online:  Please contact your account manager for pricing.
• 3 two-hour weekly sessions, 9:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific Time each
Session  Description
Tagging 101 More and more organizations are implementing an alternative
technique to collect web site traffic information rather than relying
on web server log files.  This technique is called client-side data
collection, or tagging for short.  In this session, learn how tagging
works, the advantages and disadvantages of using cookies as well
as some best practices around implementing tagging.
Web 2.0 Tracking Tracking visits to pages using AJAX (Web 2.0 stuff), Flash, and
even downloads can be difficult to track.  Not now.  Learn how you
can use Webtrends Analytics to track when people use different
dynamic elements in AJAX, Flash, and more.
Portal Deployment Deploying enterprise portals requires significant investments in
time, effort and money. With the evolution and broad adoption of
portals, organizations have become keenly interested in measuring
portal usage.  Knowing how the portal is being used and mapping
usage trends over time can provide evidence of a successful portal
initiative. With Webtrends training, understand how the unique
attributes of portals can pose specific challenges when it comes to
tracking usage and learn how Webtrends can help you gain
insights about portal usage and user behavior.


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