Webtrends Training - Using Webtrends REST API to Build Analytics Scorecards

Course Description
This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of creating powerful Microsoft Excel-based
scorecards using the Webtrends Analytics REST API. The class covers both how to use the
API and the fundamentals of scorecard design. This class assumes a working knowledge of
Microsoft Excel.
Learning Outcomes
After finishing this course, you will be able to:
• Use the Webtrends REST API to import Analytics data to Excel
• Use the REST generator to set up exports
• Understand the settings required in Excel to use the REST API
• Understand the basics of scorecard design
• Use your existing Excel skills to begin developing scorecards for your organization
Products Covered
• Webtrends Analytics 9 On Demand and On Premises
Who Should Attend?
Professionals who will be responsible for using Webtrends Analytics to build custom scorecards
for their organization.  
None, though a solid working knowledge of Excel is recommended.
Availability and Pricing
You may choose to attend a public online course or schedule a private online class.
• Public Online: $300 per participant
• Private Online:  Please contact your account manager for pricing.
• Public Online: 1 day, 9:00 am – 11:00 am Pacific Time  Training Syllabus
851 SW 6th Ave, Suite 1600 1.877.932.8736
Portland, OR 97204 sales@webtrends.com Page 2  REST API FOR SCORECARDS
851 SW 6th Ave, Suite 1600
Portland, OR 97204
• Introduction 
• Overview
Webtrends REST API
Webtrends REST Generator
• Using the REST Generator
• Using Excel for Scorecard Design
Settings for Using with REST API
Excel Process Flow
Dashboard Basics
Dashboard Best Practices
• Take-Home Exercise



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