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If you are to get the best results from your website, leveraging digital insight is essential. This course focuses on using web analytics and other data sources to improve results from your website through analysis of site visitor characteristics and behaviour.
You’ll learn how produce a plan to develop the most appropriate metrics, tools and digital marketing improvement process for your organisation.


This web analytics course will give you a working knowledge of the tools, technologies and data sources to improve results from your website through analysing site visitor characteristics and behaviour. You’ll know how to develop key performance indicators, and how to create a comprehensive measurement framework for your organisation, including processes to ensure reports are analysed and acted upon. Discover how to drive a conversion optimisation programme as well as how to use analytics to drive retention marketing strategies.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for those involved in online marketing who have responsibility for understanding customers through web analytics. You may be a marketing manager or agency account manager who needs to develop a plan to apply digital insight to drive the business contribution from websites and e-marketing activities you are responsible for.

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand how to put together an effective web measurement programme
  • Define the right key performance indicators for your business
  • Learn about the use of different tools, services and technologies
  • Use analytics to plan and evaluate the effect of acquisition, conversion and retention-marketing programmes

What will I learn?

The course covers:
  • Why are we here?
  • A holistic approach to online business performance measurement
  • Main methods of assessing and measuring digital marketing effectiveness
    • Acquisition
    • Conversion
    • Retention
  • Summary and conclusions



Andrew Hood

Managing Director, Lynchpin Analytics
Andrew Hood is founder and managing director of Lynchpin, a web analytics consultancy with clients including Experian, Vodafone, Cadbury, HMV and The Guardian.
Andrew's marketing career began in 1999 at All-Hotels.com, where he developed the systems that led to All-Hotels becoming one of the biggest e-commerce sites in Scotland, selling for £1.425m in 2002 to Online Travel Corporation, now owned by Lastminute.com.
He then joined search company ambergreen, where he developed one of the first online return on investment tracking systems, for the emerging online marketing sector. In 2005 he launched Lynchpin as an independent web analytics business.

Search Analytics for Search Marketers 201 Training

WAA Base Camp Workshops

Web Analytics Association Base Camp:
Website measurement from the ground up

This new one-day program is dedicated to improving results of your search marketing through search analytics. Attendees include those folks who are knee deep in search marketing and would like to expand their knowledge of search analytics processes and tools. Key emphasis will be on paid and organic search analytics including:
  • Search analytics definitions and terminology
  • Key Performance Indicators for paid and organic search
  • Search Analytics when content consumption, sign-ups/subscriptions and/or leads are the goal
  • Search Analytics when a sale is the primary goal
  • Organic Search Visibility and Defining Data Points of Value Beyond Rankings
  • Using baselines and the audit process for optimization – paid and organic
  • Leveraging insights between paid and organic
  • Leveraging insights from internal site search
  • Structuring paid search campaigns with analytics and optimization in mind
  • How to improve your campaign performance & profitability
  • Winding up, winding down – Finding the perfect balance
  • Real-time, performance based budgeting
  • Creating meaningful reports – numbers, ratios and trends that tell a story
  • Search Analytics tool talk

Applying Web Analytics 102 Training Workshop

WAA Base Camp Workshops

Web Analytics Association Base Camp:
Website measurement from the ground up

Applying Web Analytics 102

This workshop picks up where the Introduction left off, by taking attendees deeper into applying web analytics processes and the pitfalls to avoid. You will learn the first steps to using web analytics to improve site design; email marketing/visitor life cycle, social media marketing, conversion/lead optimization, and improving return on ad spend (ROAS), search marketing, visitor satisfaction and goal completion. Other topics covered include:You will learn:
  • How to enthuse others about web intelligence
  • Distributing and communicating web analytics data
  • How to improve your campaign performance & profitability
  • How to incrementally tune your website to ensure peak performance
  • A/B Split & Multivariate Testing

Introduction to Web Analytics 101

WAA Base Camp Workshops

Web Analytics Association Base Camp:

Website measurement from the ground up

Whether you are new to web analytics, new to web management or just need to be sure that you are seeing the forest for the trees, this is the best place to get grounded in the basics. This workshop will give you the high level overview of web analytics needed to make your website more valuable to your company. In this introductory workshop you will learn about:
  • Web metrics terminology and technology
  • The most critical web metrics for your business
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • How to derive business value from web analytics
  • The skills you need (or need to look for in others) to build a web analytics powerhouse
  • A process for creating a web analytics culture and making it stick in your organization
  • How to gain executive buy-in
  • Insight into optimizing your business with web analytics
  • Getting started with visitor data analysis

Web Analytics Workshops & Training - Website Measurement from the Ground Up

Digital Analytics Association Base Camp
Website Measurement from the Ground Up

Digital Analytics Workshops - Overview

Get grounded in the fundamentals and best practices of digital analytics at the official Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Base Camp workshops.
Workshops offer a solid foundation of digital analytics knowledge and authoritative course material delivered by industry leaders:
  • Learn about your most important website visitor metrics
  • Learn how to change visitor data into meaningful insights
  • Learn how to increase conversions from your online campaigns
  • Learn how to improve results of your website promotions
DAA Base Camp workshops content is produced by professional members of the Digital Analytics Association. Workshops are delivered by eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit on behalf of the Digital Analytics Association.

Which Workshop Should I Register for?

The DAA Base Camp Introduction to Digital Analytics workshop will prepare you for your climb to the summit of digital analytics knowledge. Combine the Introduction workshop with either Applied Digital Analytics 102 or Search Analytics 201 to lay the foundation for you to understand your digital analytics data and begin to act on it.
If you are new to digital analytics or need to refresh your understanding, register for the Introduction. If you've been doing digital analytics for a while and understand the DAA Standard Definitions, register for Applied Digital Analytics 102 or Search Analytics 201 for proven strategies to make the most out of your investment in digital analytics.
  1. Introduction to Digital Analytics 101:
    • Early Bird Price - $445
    • Regular Price - $545
  2. Applying Digital Analytics 102:
    • Early Bird Price - $545
    • Regular Price - $645
  3. Combination any two delivered over two consecutive days:
    • Early Bird Price - $990
    • Regular Price - $1090

Next Cities

  • Toronto, April 23-24, 2012
  • Chicago, June 24-27, 2012
  • Boston, Sept 3-Oct 2, 2012

SiteCatalyst User Training

SiteCatalyst UserTraining (v.15) What is it? Our SiteCatalyst Basic User Training has been designed to help anyone, regardless of experience, to start using Adobe SiteCatalyst effectively. If you’re a complete novice or you’ve been brave enough to start running a few reports, we’ll have you using SiteCatalyst to make data driven decisions. Who should take it? We’ve developed this course for a broad audience. Anyone who needs to use SiteCatalyst to run and distribute reports, novice or expert, will beneEit from attending the course. How long is the course? On site or virtual: 2 days On Demand: 8 hours What do we learn? 1. The fundamentals of web analytics: Before we jump into running reports, we’ll talk about why we want to run the reports. What are our business objectives? What are our key performance indicators? What do we do once we have the data? These aren’t rhetorical questions, we want to answer them! 2. First Steps: In this section we’ll cover common metrics and deEinitions as well as the basics of the interface and running reports. Time well spent I tell ya. 3. Site Metric reports: In this section we cover the different Site Metrics and why they are important. So very important! 4. Site Content Reports: What pages of your site are getting the most trafEic? Lets Eind out. 5. Mobile Reports: Mobile browsing is hot. Not just because it’s sexy, but because your mobile audience is having a different experience than your desktop audience. These reports will help us learn more about who your mobile audience is. 6. Path Reports: I took the road less traveled…. pathing reports help you know how visitors navigate through your site. We’ll cover them in detail in this section. 7. TrafIic Sources: How did people Eind your site? Where did they come from and how can you take advantage of that information? All questions we cover in this section. 8. Campaign Reports: This is where the rubber meets the road. What campaigns are “working” and why did I put “working” in quotes? 9. Product Reports (if applicable): If you sell products on your site we’ll cover all of the product reports and what they mean. 10. Visitor Retention Reports: Come on back now, ya hear? How often are people coming back to your site? Lets Eind out. 11. Visitor ProIile Reports: Who do these people think they are? Lets tell them. These reports tell you where they live, what they speak and what technology they use, etc. 12. Custom Conversion Reports: What makes your site unique? Custom conversion reports help you capture and act on it. 13. Custom TrafIic Reports: So similar to Custom Conversion reports that I almost copied and pasted the same description here, so different that you would have hated me if I did. 14. Review KPI: Remember what we talked about at the beginning of the course? Lets talk about that again. 15. Breaking Down Reports: Every question you ask should lead to more questions. That is why we break reports down by each other. This section covers how we do that. This is a sentence. 16. Customizing reports: There’s more to customizing a report than changing the date. LETS USE FILTER FUNCTIONS! 17. More on Metrics: Bust out your math skills cause we’re going to start creating calculated metrics. 18. Bookmarks: Once you have the perfect custom report made, how do you save and share it? I’m not telling unless you come to the class. 19. Dashboards: This is everyone’s favorite section. I’m not kidding. In this section we cover how to create and share your custom dashboards. 20. Targets: Ready, aim, save in SiteCatalyst. 21. Alerts: DANGER, DANGER, this section will cover how to create alerts in SiteCatalyst. Note, the alerts don’t actually say “DANGER, DANGER”. 22. Calendar Events: “Hey, our pageviews had a huge spike last Tuesday, do you know why?” “Yes, that is when Oprah said she loves us.” “Man, I wish there was a way to record the reason for the spike in the reports.” “There is Steve, it’s called calendar events. You should have gone to SiteCatalyst User Training by Keystone Solutions.” 23. Report Distribution: In this section we’ll tell you different ways to share your reports. Sharing is good. 24. Report Scheduling: Set it and forget it (sort of). Have SiteCatalyst send you or your boss reports whenever you want. 25. Review: Now we’ll see if you were sleeping through all this!


SiteCatalyst Training Services - Adobe Omniture Training

Omniture Certified Implementation PartnerProblem. So, you’ve invested in Adobe SiteCatalyst® but are now flooded with statistics. Is it configured correctly? Do you need development assistance with tagging and implementation?Let us help you provide the tools to correctly configure SiteCatalyst, wade through the numbers, understand them and then act upon them.
Solution. We’ll teach you how to take advantage of real-time reports by gathering information about visitor behavior, identifying specific goals on your site, and measuring those goals to improve marketing efforts.
Based on your organization’s digital marketing strategy, we’ll set goals and objectives based on Key Performance Indicators using the KPI Karta® that SiteCatalyst can help you measure. Next, we’ll take an extended tour of the SiteCatalyst layout, features and vocabulary. For administrators, we’ll show you best practices for JavaScripting, jQuery and creating and maintaining report Profiles. We can lead your team during any development environment, drawing on years of experience working with Adobe tools. We offer a full range of consulting services to maximize the use of SiteCatalyst.
Finally, we’ll show you a few tricks to increase the quality of your web site traffic through search engine optimization techniques.
SiteCatalyst experts will help you make the most of this powerful tool by providing insight into the following areas:
  • Monitoring and measuring marketing efforts
  • Maximizing Web site activity
  • Understanding and maximizing conversion
  • Segmenting visitors
  • Tailoring development efforts
  • Discovering hidden insights and unique trends
  • Exploring advanced data relationship

Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst Training - Melbourne

Our Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst training courses are structured specifically to help your staff get the most out of this market leading tool.

We spend time up front to learn about your business so that the training provided directly meets the needs of those attending.

Our training is delivered in your own offices using your own data to provide maximum relevance. Catering for both basic & advanced users, we work off a basic program structure as follows:

Site Catalyst Basics
  • Metric definitions & understanding the reporting interface
  • 5 reports all users must understand
  • 5 minutes of analytics per day
  • Site Catalyst for an online marketer
  • Site Catalyst for a site manager/product manager
  • Common reporting mistakes
  • Delivering real value: actionable insights

Site Catalyst Advanced
  • Understanding Custom Variables and Events
  • Creating Advanced Dashboards in Excel using ReportBuilder
  • Creating Advanced Segments
  • Structuring your report suites and menus to ensure maximum usability
  • Advanced marketing attribution techniques

Upcoming availability
  • Wednesday March 14th, 2012
Because we come to you, we don't see the sense in charging on a per person basis. Other arrangements can be negotiated.

Interested? send us an email 


Omniture Training from Tatvic

Adobe® SiteCatalyst® is the industry-leading web analytics solution that provides marketers with, real-time intelligence about digital strategies from all online initiatives across multiple marketing channels and if you wish to get best results from your website having invested heavily in this robust tool then leveraging digital insight from it is essential. However this power pack solution involves complex layers to understand and in order to use this tool in most optimal manner Tatvic offers customized Training Solutions based on your need.

Omniture SiteCatalyst Modules:

  1. Technical Implementation and Usage of Variables
    Implementation Training mainly covers how to implement different tags on website, detailed list of activities is provided below:
    • Technical overview of Omniture Implemenation/Sample Code/Sandbox
    • Implementation Process & effective implementation practices
    • SiteCatalyst Variables explanation
    • SiteCatalyst Customizations
    • SiteCatalyst Advanced features and functionality (ASI/SAINT/VISTA)
  2. User Training
    User Training primarily covers reporting, admin interface, settings and detailed list of activities of this module are given below:
    • Understanding SiteCatalyst Basics and Navigation
    • Explanation of Traffic Reports
    • Path Reports Analysis
    • Conversion Reports
    • Report Distribution
    • User Tools and Features
Why Tatvic:
1) Our Experience
Our experience in working with different clients, various industry verticals and almost all the industry leading web analytics tool has helped us develop the training content for these tools and WA industry concepts.
2) Training Methodology
Onsite Classroom Training: Tatvic provides training via screen sharing (webex)/ and voice conferencing. We also provide in house training customized to organization’s training needs.
Course Material: Tatvic provides all the attendees with supporting course material during the course to facilitate learning and for future reference.
Evaluation: Tatvic can help set up a quick evaluation at the end of the onsite training that will help grade the attendees on the entire course offered. The evaluation test is usually questionnaire with multiple choice answers.
Need to know more? Contact us now