SiteCatalyst Training Services - Adobe Omniture Training

Omniture Certified Implementation PartnerProblem. So, you’ve invested in Adobe SiteCatalyst® but are now flooded with statistics. Is it configured correctly? Do you need development assistance with tagging and implementation?Let us help you provide the tools to correctly configure SiteCatalyst, wade through the numbers, understand them and then act upon them.
Solution. We’ll teach you how to take advantage of real-time reports by gathering information about visitor behavior, identifying specific goals on your site, and measuring those goals to improve marketing efforts.
Based on your organization’s digital marketing strategy, we’ll set goals and objectives based on Key Performance Indicators using the KPI Karta® that SiteCatalyst can help you measure. Next, we’ll take an extended tour of the SiteCatalyst layout, features and vocabulary. For administrators, we’ll show you best practices for JavaScripting, jQuery and creating and maintaining report Profiles. We can lead your team during any development environment, drawing on years of experience working with Adobe tools. We offer a full range of consulting services to maximize the use of SiteCatalyst.
Finally, we’ll show you a few tricks to increase the quality of your web site traffic through search engine optimization techniques.
SiteCatalyst experts will help you make the most of this powerful tool by providing insight into the following areas:
  • Monitoring and measuring marketing efforts
  • Maximizing Web site activity
  • Understanding and maximizing conversion
  • Segmenting visitors
  • Tailoring development efforts
  • Discovering hidden insights and unique trends
  • Exploring advanced data relationship

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