SiteCatalyst User Training

SiteCatalyst UserTraining (v.15) What is it? Our SiteCatalyst Basic User Training has been designed to help anyone, regardless of experience, to start using Adobe SiteCatalyst effectively. If you’re a complete novice or you’ve been brave enough to start running a few reports, we’ll have you using SiteCatalyst to make data driven decisions. Who should take it? We’ve developed this course for a broad audience. Anyone who needs to use SiteCatalyst to run and distribute reports, novice or expert, will beneEit from attending the course. How long is the course? On site or virtual: 2 days On Demand: 8 hours What do we learn? 1. The fundamentals of web analytics: Before we jump into running reports, we’ll talk about why we want to run the reports. What are our business objectives? What are our key performance indicators? What do we do once we have the data? These aren’t rhetorical questions, we want to answer them! 2. First Steps: In this section we’ll cover common metrics and deEinitions as well as the basics of the interface and running reports. Time well spent I tell ya. 3. Site Metric reports: In this section we cover the different Site Metrics and why they are important. So very important! 4. Site Content Reports: What pages of your site are getting the most trafEic? Lets Eind out. 5. Mobile Reports: Mobile browsing is hot. Not just because it’s sexy, but because your mobile audience is having a different experience than your desktop audience. These reports will help us learn more about who your mobile audience is. 6. Path Reports: I took the road less traveled…. pathing reports help you know how visitors navigate through your site. We’ll cover them in detail in this section. 7. TrafIic Sources: How did people Eind your site? Where did they come from and how can you take advantage of that information? All questions we cover in this section. 8. Campaign Reports: This is where the rubber meets the road. What campaigns are “working” and why did I put “working” in quotes? 9. Product Reports (if applicable): If you sell products on your site we’ll cover all of the product reports and what they mean. 10. Visitor Retention Reports: Come on back now, ya hear? How often are people coming back to your site? Lets Eind out. 11. Visitor ProIile Reports: Who do these people think they are? Lets tell them. These reports tell you where they live, what they speak and what technology they use, etc. 12. Custom Conversion Reports: What makes your site unique? Custom conversion reports help you capture and act on it. 13. Custom TrafIic Reports: So similar to Custom Conversion reports that I almost copied and pasted the same description here, so different that you would have hated me if I did. 14. Review KPI: Remember what we talked about at the beginning of the course? Lets talk about that again. 15. Breaking Down Reports: Every question you ask should lead to more questions. That is why we break reports down by each other. This section covers how we do that. This is a sentence. 16. Customizing reports: There’s more to customizing a report than changing the date. LETS USE FILTER FUNCTIONS! 17. More on Metrics: Bust out your math skills cause we’re going to start creating calculated metrics. 18. Bookmarks: Once you have the perfect custom report made, how do you save and share it? I’m not telling unless you come to the class. 19. Dashboards: This is everyone’s favorite section. I’m not kidding. In this section we cover how to create and share your custom dashboards. 20. Targets: Ready, aim, save in SiteCatalyst. 21. Alerts: DANGER, DANGER, this section will cover how to create alerts in SiteCatalyst. Note, the alerts don’t actually say “DANGER, DANGER”. 22. Calendar Events: “Hey, our pageviews had a huge spike last Tuesday, do you know why?” “Yes, that is when Oprah said she loves us.” “Man, I wish there was a way to record the reason for the spike in the reports.” “There is Steve, it’s called calendar events. You should have gone to SiteCatalyst User Training by Keystone Solutions.” 23. Report Distribution: In this section we’ll tell you different ways to share your reports. Sharing is good. 24. Report Scheduling: Set it and forget it (sort of). Have SiteCatalyst send you or your boss reports whenever you want. 25. Review: Now we’ll see if you were sleeping through all this!

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