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WebAnalyticsTraining | October 10, 2010
Learn how to respond to customer trends as they emerge it's the perfect recipe for higher rankings with less competition.

Wise spending is a necessity for any business. But too often, a directive to "spend less" or "do more with the budget" just leads to cost-cutting that ultimately reduces productivity and return even more.

This doesn't have to be the case. Instead, saving money really just means becoming a smarter marketer, and smart marketers rely on keyword analytics to fine-tune each online marketing initiative for maximum efficiency.

The value of keyword analytics is especially measurable in SEO, where timely customer intelligence and insight can help you capitalize on industry trends and user needs way before the competition does. We call this head-start First-Mover Intelligence, and it's an invaluable way to drive results from organic search without maxing out your budget. Take a look below as Director of User Experience Tami Dalley explains exactly how to transform your SEO into a powerful catalyst for increased conversions, not costs

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