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An Overview of Web Analytics

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Data analysis is a usual activity, which is conduct by mostly by everyone either directly or indirectly. Companies, shop keepers, wholesalers, vendors etc. does an analysis of their sales figure, profit-loss and other reports with the data available with them. Even, housewife does a virtual analysis of the household stock and there monthly expenditure.

Similarly, web analytics is gaining a momentum among the websites and portals. It is an activity that is being carried out by the corporate those who want to analyze the latest user trends and to be acknowledged with the details of the user who are visiting there online site. In short, Web analytics is defined as measuring of behavior of the user visiting a website

Web analytics helps to conclude the user trend, it can be used to determine from where the maximum number of users are trafficking-in to the site, their preferred sections, color schemes and the geographical distribution of the visitors

The common terms used in web analytics

1) Page View This is the number of pages that has been served by the web server.

2) Hit A request send to the web server by any browser is termed as hit. The number of hits      received by a website is used to ascertain its popularity. However, this is often misleading, since a single page may contain many images and other object that contribute to separate hit. For instance, if a page containing 20 images is requested by a user, then the hit counts for this      page will be 21 (20 images and 1 page itself).

3) Visit / Session Number of requests from the identified client are known as visit/session.

4) Visitor / Unique Visitor - The uniquely identified client generating requests on the web server     (log analysis) or viewing pages (page tagging).

5) Repeated Visitor As the name suggests it is a visitor that has made at least one previous visit.

6) New Visitor - A visitor that has not made any previous visits.

7) Impression This is the count of display of any advertisement on the user screen this screen is      commonly used by ad and media agencies while giving advertisement on web.

Any analysis requires data. The data for the web analysis is available in two ways. In short we can say that there are two methods for web analytics

- Log file analysis

- Page tagging

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